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Words that nearly rhyme with "right":

1 syllable:

ait, ate, aydt, bait, bate, beat, beet, beit, bete, bide, blate, bleat, blype, bout, boyt, boyte, breit, bride, bright, brite, cate, chait, cheat, chide, cleat, cliett, clout, clyde, coit, crate, crete, cried, cripe, crit, crout, date, died, doit, doubt, dought, doutt, dried, droit, drought, duit, dyed, eat, eid, eide, eight, eyed, fait, fate, feat, feet, feight, feist, fete, fide, fleet, flied, flout, fout, foyt, frate, freet, freight, fried, fright, gait, gate, geist, gipe, gleet, glide, gout, grate, great, greet, grete, gride, gripe, grout, guide, haet, haight, hait, hate, heat, heid, heide, heist, hide, hoit, hout, hoyt, hyde, hype, i'd, iced, ide, kate, keat, keet, keitt, knipe, knout, krait, kraut, kriete, krout, late, leat, leet, leete, leight, leite, lide, lied, lights, lipe, lout, lyde, mate, meat, meet, mete, moit, nate, neat, neet, out, pait, pate, peat, peet, peete, pete, pied, piette, pint, pipe, plait, plate, pleat, plied, pout, prate, prete, pride, pried, prout, pryde, quiett, quoit, raitt, rate, reit, ride, rights, ripe, rite, rout, routt, rowte, sate, scheid, schmied, schneid, schuit, schuyt, scout, seat, seid, seide, sheet, shied, shipe, shout, shrout, side, sighed, sipe, skate, skeat, skeet, skeete, slate, sleet, slide, slype, snide, snipe, snout, spate, speight, spied, spout, sprite, sprout, state, stipe, stout, stoute, straight, strait, strate, street, streett, streight, streit, stride, stripe, striped, strite, strout, suite, sweatt, sweet, swete, swipe, syed, tait, taite, taitt, tate, teat, threatt, threet, thwaite, thweatt, tide, tied, tights, tout, trait, treat, tried, tripe, trite, trout, troutt, tveit, tweet, type, veit, vide, vied, vite, vliet, voight, voit, wait, waite, waitt, wayt, weight, wheat, whilst, why'd, wide, wipe, wright, write, yipe

2 syllables:

abate, abide, ablate, about, accrete, adroit, affreight, affright, airlight, airtight, albright, allbright, allied, alright, alvite, amate, applied, arete, aright, arkwright, arride, aside, astride, attrite, await, backbite, backdate, backsight, basnight, bauknight, bedlight, belied, beloit, benoit, berate, beside, bestride, betide, birthnight, birthright, boatright, boatwright, bombsight, boresight, bullfight, calcite, campsite, cartwright, catchlight, catfight, coate, cockfight, coesite, cofide, collate, collide, compete, compleat, complete, complied, conceit, concrete, confide, conkright, contrite, courtright, courtwright, create, curtright, cutright, dacoit, dakoit, daylight, deadlight, deadweight, debate, deceit, decide, decried, defeat, defied, deflate, delate, delete, deloitte, denied, deplete, derate, deride, detroit, devout, dictate, dilate, discreet, discrete, disrate, disseat, distraite, divide, dogfight, downbeat, downright, dutoit, earthlight, ebright, effete, elate, elide, elite, enright, entreat, enwright, equate, escheat, est, estate, estreat, excide, excrete, exploit, eyebright, eyesight, facete, fanlight, fellate, femrite, finite, firefight, firzite, fistfight, flashlight, fleabite, floodlight, fluorite, folkright, footlight, foredate, foresight, forthright, fortnight, fulbright, fullbright, gamete, gaslight, gastight, gathright, genlyte, ghostwrite, goodnight, guerite, gunfight, hambright, handwrite, haplite, headlight, headright, hellkite, highlight, hignight, hignite, hillsite, hindsight, hittite, homesite, housewright, hussite, implied, inflate, inflight, innate, inside, insight, instate, intreat, irate, iwate, jacklight, jadeite, jinright, jobete, joyride, kuwait, lalit, lambright, lamplight, lanete, lightweight, lignite, limelight, lintwhite, liquide, loctite, lucite, luddite, macbride, mahout, malrite, maltreat, mandate, mcbride, mcbryde, mccreight, mccright, mcfate, mcright, mcwright, mesquite, midflight, midnight, millwright, misdate, misdoubt, misguide, mismate, misstate, mistreat, mistryst, mistype, miswrite, moonlight, murveit, negate, notate, oakite, obeid, oblate, offbeat, offside, orate, ornate, outdate, outride, outright, outshout, outside, outwait, outwrite, penlight, petite, playwright, postdate, postheat, poteat, predate, preheat, preside, prorate, provide, pupate, receipt, redoubt, reflate, regrate, regreet, relate, relied, repeat, replete, replied, reroute, reseat, reside, restate, retreat, retried, rewrite, safelight, seabright, searchlight, seawright, secrete, sedate, shiite, shipwright, sidelight, skylight, skylite, skywrite, snakebite, spectate, sporophyte, spotlight, starlight, stateside, statewide, steamtight, sticktight, stoplight, subside, sufflate, sulfite, sumgait, sunlight, sunlite, supplied, sylvite, terete, thereout, throughout, tinplate, translate, twilight, typewrite, undyed, unite, unmeet, unplait, unpriced, unripe, unseat, unspliced, unstate, unstriped, untied, untried, update, upright, upside, upstate, vacate, vanfleet, vanvliet, wainright, wainwright, waybright, wegbreit, westside, wheelwright, whereout, wilhite, willhite, without, woolbright, worldwide

3 syllables:

acerate, achroite, acolyte, aconite, adamsite, aegirite, aerolite, aerophyte, agalite, akinete, albertite, allanite, almandite, alongside, alunite, ammonite, amosite, ampelite, ampholyte, anchorite, andesite, andradite, anglesite, ankerite, anomite, anorthite, anthracite, apartheid, apatite, aphanite, appetite, applewhite, argabright, argentite, argillite, arsenite, athonite, athrocyte, aulophyte, austenite, autophyte, axinite, azurite, baculite, ballistite, barberite, basanite, bedlamite, belemnite, bentonite, betafite, bindheimite, biotite, bismutite, bittersweet, blatherskite, boracite, bournonite, bowenite, calamite, campylite, canaanite, candlelight, carmelite, carnotite, carrollite, catamite, caudaite, celestite, cellulite, cenobite, cerussite, chabazite, chalcocite, chalcolite, chalybite, chamaephyte, chamosite, chasmophyte, chemonite, clausthalite, coenobite, coenocyte, cohenite, coincide, colemanite, convertite, cooperite, copalite, coprolite, copyright, corallite, cormophyte, counterlight, cyanite, cyclonite, cylindrite, danaite, danburite, dechenite, dichroite, diorite, discreate, disinflate, displaywrite, dolerite, dolomite, dynamite, ebonite, eclogite, ectophyte, embolite, encrinite, endophyte, enstatite, entophyte, epiphyte, epsomite, eremite, erudite, essonite, europewide, euxenite, expedite, extradite, fahrenheit, favosite, fayalite, felicite, ferberite, fibrolite, firelight, forsterite, fulgurite, gaylussite, gehlenite, gelignite, geophyte, gersdorffite, gesundheit, geyserite, gilsonite, glauberite, glauconite, glycerite, gonocyte, goshenite, haematite, haemocyte, hashemite, hatchettite, hauerite, hellgrammite, hematite, hemocyte, heulandite, holophyte, hyalite, hydrolyte, hydrophyte, hygrophyte, ilmenite, imbricate, impactite, impolite, impsonite, incomplete, increate, indevout, indiscreet, indiscrete, interstate, intrastate, iolite, jacobite, jacobsite, jamesonite, jarosite, kalinite, kamacite, kampylite, kermesite, kieserite, kilobyte, kimberlite, kyanite, lacharite, laterite, lazulite, lazurite, leucitite, leucocyte, leukocyte, lewisite, limonite, linarite, lipocyte, lithophyte, lithotrite, loellingite, lollingite, lymphocyte, macrocyte, magnesite, magnetite, malachite, maladroit, manganite, marcasite, margarite, marguerite, marmolite, maronite, martensite, masonite, maximite, megabyte, meionite, melanite, melinite, mennonite, mesolite, metaphyte, microcyte, microlight, microlite, microphyte, midshipmite, millerite, minorite, misapplied, mistranslate, monazite, monocyte, monzonite, morganite, mottramite, multistate, muscovite, musselwhite, mylonite, myocyte, nationwide, neophyte, nephelite, niccolite, niobite, normocyte, nutrilite, obsolete, oocyte, oolite, ottrelite, overate, overbite, overeat, overflight, overheat, overrate, override, overripe, oversight, overstride, oversweet, overweight, overwrite, pagodite, parasite, pargasite, pectolite, pegmatite, penninite, pentlandite, phacolite, phanerite, phenacite, phlogopite, phosgenite, phosphorite, photoflight, piedmontite, pigeonite, pisolite, plasmacyte, plasmocyte, plebiscite, polocyte, procreate, psammophyte, pyrrhotite, recreate, redivide, reinstate, retranslate, samsonite, saprolite, saprophyte, satellite, saussurite, scapolite, schefferite, scolecite, selenite, semisweet, separate, sericite, siderite, sinhalite, smithsonite, socialite, sodomite, spermophyte, sperrylite, spessartite, sphalerite, spherulite, spilosite, stassfurtite, staurolite, steatite, stephanite, stylolite, subdivide, superheat, sybarite, sylvanite, tachylyte, taconite, tarbuttite, telerate, tellurite, tennantite, tenorite, tephroite, teschenite, tetralite, thallophyte, thatcherite, therophyte, tiemannite, torbanite, torbernite, tripartite, turbidite, turrilite, unallied, uncreate, undenied, underrate, understate, underweight, underwrite, unsupplied, uralite, urbanite, variscite, ventilate, vogesite, vulcanite, vulpinite, vulsinite, watertight, wavellite, websterite, wernerite, windowlight, withamite, witherite, wolframite, wulfenite, wurtzilite, xerophyte, yperite, zaratite, zeolite, zinkenite, zinnwaldite, zoophyte, zygophyte

4 syllables:

aluminite, amazonite, amblygonite, amebocyte, amoebocyte, amphibolite, anabolite, anorthosite, antigorite, apophyllite, archaeocyte, archeocyte, arfvedsonite, argyrodite, ascomycete, asiderite, baddeleyite, benitoite, bismuthinite, brazilianite, cassiterite, catabolite, catanzarite, choanocyte, chondriomite, collophanite, cordierite, cosmopolite, cristobalite, cummingtonite, dermatophyte, dialogite, diatomite, dithionite, elaterite, electrolyte, eremophyte, evaporite, exopodite, exurbanite, fergusonite, gadolinite, galleryite, gametocyte, gametophyte, garnierite, granulocyte, haematophyte, halotrichite, hedenbergite, hematocyte, hematophyte, hemimorphite, hermaphrodite, heteroclite, histiocyte, ichthyolite, interrelate, kaolinite, labradorite, lymphoidocyte, marekanite, megagamete, metabolite, meteorite, molybdenite, myxomycete, nephelinite, osteophyte, oversupplied, pharmacolite, phreatophyte, polianite, preadamite, rhyacolite, schizomycete, siderocyte, siderolite, sillimanite, spermatocyte, spermatophyte, suburbanite, tapiolite, thorianite, topazolite, toxophilite, trifluoride, uvarovite, variolite, vermiculite, wollastonite

5 syllables:

actinomycete, adipocerite, anisogamete, anthropophagite, azurmalachite, dumortierite, ectoparasite, endoparasite, entoparasite, epidiorite, hyperparasite, itacolumite, microparasite, superparasite, thioarsenite, vesuvianite, xanthosiderite

6 syllables:

antimetabolite, basidiomycete, benzotrifluoride, micrometeorite, pseudohermaphrodite, thioantimonite

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