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Words that nearly rhyme with "snide":

1 syllable:

ade, aid, aide, bade, bayed, bead, beede, beit, bight, bind, bite, blade, bleed, blight, blind, bloyd, bowed, boyd, boyde, braid, brede, breed, bribe, bright, brite, browed, byte, cade, cede, child, childe, cite, clade, cloud, cloyd, clyte, cowed, creed, crined, crowd, dade, daoud, dede, deed, diede, dight, doud, dowd, dwight, eade, eyde, fade, fayed, fede, feed, feit, fight, find, fite, flayed, flight, flite, floyd, fluyt, flyte, frayed, frede, freed, freid, freud, fried, friede, fright, gade, gaede, geib, gibe, glade, glede, gleed, gloyd, goude, gowd, grade, grede, greed, grind, gybe, hade, haid, he'd, heed, height, heit, heyd, heyde, hiett, hight, hind, hite, houde, hyte, ides, jade, jibe, kade, keyed, kibe, kight, kind, kite, knead, kneed, knight, krait, kyte, lade, laid, lead, leed, light, lite, lloyd, loud, loyd, made, maid, mayde, mead, meade, meed, might, mild, mind, mite, nead, need, nied, night, nite, nowed, noyd, paid, peed, piled, played, plead, plight, ploughed, plowed, prayed, preyed, proud, quade, quaid, quite, raid, rayed, read, rede, reed, reid, reit, ried, riede, right, rind, rite, royd, rynd, sayed, schade, scheib, scheibe, scheidt, schneid, schrade, schwede, screed, scribe, seed, shade, she'd, shroud, sight, site, sized, skied, skite, slade, sleight, slight, sloid, smead, smite, snead, sneed, sowed, spade, spaid, spayd, spayde, speed, spight, spite, sprayed, sprite, stade, staid, staved, stayed, steed, strayed, streed, streib, streit, strite, stroud, suede, swayed, swede, sweig, tea'd, teed, thede, they'd, thiede, thrid, tiede, tight, tiled, toyed, trade, treed, tribe, trite, tweed, twite, vined, void, vowed, wade, waid, waide, we'd, weed, weighed, white, whyte, wied, wight, wild, wind, wite, wowed, wrede, wright, write, wynd, wyte, zaid, zeit, zweig

2 syllables:

abboud, abrade, accede, advised, affined, affright, afraid, aggrade, agreed, alcade, alcide, alight, allayed, allowed, aloud, alright, annoyed, arcade, aright, arrayed, ascribe, attrite, avoid, avowed, backside, backslide, baroid, bastide, bayside, becloud, bedight, bedside, behind, besides, betrayed, blockade, bobwhite, bosseyed, brascade, brigade, broadside, brocade, brookside, buffeted, bugeyed, burnside, carbide, cascade, charade, clevite, cliched, cockade, cockeyed, combined, concede, confined, conscribe, contrite, contrived, conveyed, corrade, cowhide, crocheted, croupade, crusade, curbside, dayside, decade, decayed, decreed, degrade, degreed, delayed, delight, denied, deployed, describe, deseed, designed, despite, destroyed, devoid, dismayed, displayed, dissuade, dockside, downgrade, downside, dunite, ebright, employed, endowed, enjoyed, enright, enshroud, enwind, enwright, escribe, evade, evite, exceed, excite, exide, flambeed, fluoride, forbade, foreside, forthright, gambade, garside, gartside, gilbride, gilead, goldade, granade, grenade, hadid, hagride, halide, hamid, handmade, hayride, hearthside, hillside, homemade, horsehide, hydride, ignite, imbibe, impede, implead, incised, incite, inclined, indeed, indict, indite, inscribe, inside, invade, invite, inwind, jereed, jerid, jerreed, joyride, kilbride, kincade, kincaid, laclede, lafite, lakeside, landside, landslide, limeade, macknight, macleod, mankind, manmade, marcade, mccloud, mccright, mcdade, mcdaid, mcglade, mcknight, mcleod, mcloud, mcquade, mcquaid, mcquaide, mcright, mctighe, mcwhite, mcwright, misdeed, mislaid, mislead, misproud, misread, miswrite, munite, nonwhite, obeyed, oddside, onsite, outbreed, outfight, outlaid, outride, outright, outweighed, outwrite, oxide, parade, parkside, passade, peptide, persuade, pervade, pesade, polite, poolside, popeyed, portrayed, postpaid, precede, prepaid, prescribe, proceed, proscribe, rasheed, rashid, rawhide, rebind, recede, recite, refined, regrade, remade, remind, repaid, replayed, requite, reread, reseed, resigned, rewrite, ringside, riptide, roadside, saeed, sauteed, scalade, seaside, secede, skintight, southside, springtide, stampede, statewide, steroid, stockade, subscribe, succeed, sulfide, surveyed, taxpaid, tirade, tonight, topflight, topside, transcribe, umscheid, unbind, unbowed, unbraid, unfeed, unite, unkind, unlade, unlaid, unlined, unmade, unpaid, unprimed, unshroud, unsight, unsigned, unsized, unswayed, unweighed, unwind, upbraid, upgrade, upright, upside, upsides, uptight, vahid, walid, walleyed, wayside, westpride, whiteside, wilhide, windtight, woodside, xscribe, yuletide

3 syllables:

accolade, accuride, actinide, aldehyde, algicide, ambuscade, amplified, antecede, apartheid, arsenide, ballotade, bastinade, calcified, camisade, cannonade, carbimide, carbomide, carbonade, carronade, cavalcade, certified, chiffonade, circumscribe, citified, cityfied, citywide, clarified, classified, codified, colonnade, counterlight, countrified, countryfied, countryside, countrywide, crucified, cyanide, defilade, deicide, dignified, dioxide, disagreed, disallowed, disavowed, disinclined, disobeyed, disunite, dollarhide, dragonnade, dyazide, escalade, esplanade, eventide, falsified, famacide, featherlight, femicide, feticide, filicide, fireside, foeticide, fortified, fratricide, fructoside, fungicide, gallopade, gasconade, genocide, gentrified, germicide, glorified, glucoside, glyceride, glycoside, gratified, guaranteed, harborside, herbicide, holytide, homicide, horrified, impolite, ingleside, interbreed, intercede, intergrade, interplead, interwind, iodide, ironside, justified, ketcherside, lanthanide, lapicide, larvicide, lemonade, liquefied, magnified, manderscheid, marinade, marketwide, masquerade, matricide, melamed, melammed, menticide, miniscribe, misdescribe, miticide, modified, mollified, mortified, mountainside, multiplied, mummified, mystified, nevermind, occupied, oceanside, ophicleide, orangeade, ossified, overcloud, overcrowd, overfeed, overjoyed, overkind, overnight, overnite, overpaid, overplayed, override, overshade, overside, overstayed, overtrade, overwind, overwrite, ozonide, pacified, palisade, parricide, pasquinade, patricide, peroxide, personkind, pesticide, petrified, phytocide, preassigned, promenade, prophesied, purified, qualified, quantified, rarefied, ratified, rectified, redeployed, regicide, reignite, retrocede, reunite, riunite, riverside, saccharide, sanctified, satisfied, satterwhite, scabicide, selenide, serenade, signified, silverside, simplified, sissified, slickenside, sodamide, specified, spermicide, sporicide, stillicide, stratified, suicide, sunnyside, supersede, systemwide, tamponade, telluride, terrified, testified, toluide, typified, unadvised, unafraid, unaligned, unalloyed, unassigned, unconfined, undefiled, undefined, undenied, underfeed, underlaid, underpaid, underside, undersized, underwrite, undesigned, undisguised, undismayed, unemployed, unified, unpolite, unprescribed, unrefined, unrevised, unsurveyed, ureide, vanderheide, vanderweide, vaticide, verbicide, verified, vermicide, vespertide, virucide, vonderheide, vulpicide, waterside, weathertight, wintertide, yesternight, yuppified

4 syllables:

aborticide, acaricide, acidified, acraldehyde, antimonide, bactericide, bifluoride, cerebroside, companywide, corporatewide, daminozide, decertified, declassified, diglyceride, disaccharide, disqualified, dissatisfied, diversified, electrified, endopodite, ethanamide, exemplified, fanfaronade, formaldehyde, gabionade, ganglioside, glucuronide, glutethimide, glycuronide, harlequinade, hydrosulfide, identified, indemnified, industrywide, infanticide, insecticide, intensified, lauraldehyde, liberticide, microbicide, nikethamide, nonqualified, overexcite, overpersuade, paraldehyde, parenticide, periodide, personified, polyamide, preoccupied, presanctified, reclassified, reunified, rodenticide, rodomontade, solidified, sororicide, sulfarsenide, sulfonamide, sulpharsenide, sulphonamide, superoxide, taeniacide, teniacide, thalidomide, tolbutamide, triglyceride, trisaccharide, tryparsamide, tyrannicide, uncertified, unclassified, underemployed, undersubscribed, undignified, unfortified, unjustified, unmodified, unqualified, unratified, unrectified, unsanctified, unsatisfied, unspecified, unstratified, unverified, uxoricide

5 syllables:

acetaldehyde, acrylaldehyde, anisaldehyde, benzosulfimide, boroglyceride, butyraldehyde, chlorothiazide, communitywide, ferricyanide, ferrocyanide, furfuraldehyde, glyceraldehyde, hexafluoride, isocyanide, misidentified, monosaccharide, niacinamide, overqualified, oversimplified, oxyaldehyde, parasiticide, pediculicide, polysaccharide, sulfantimonide, sulphantimonide, thioaldehyde, undiversified, unelectrified, unidentified

6 syllables:

acetazolamide, cyanogenamide, oligosaccharide, paracetaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, platinocyanide, salicylaldehyde

7 syllables:

hydrochlorothiazide, hydrocinnamaldehyde, phenylacetaldehyde

8 syllables:


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