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Words related to "hold":

1 syllable:

back, bank, bar, bay, be, bear, bide, bin, bite, boast, booth, box, brace, breathe, bunch, cage, call, care, catch, cease, cell, charge, charm, check, chest, claim, clamp, clasp, claws, cleave, clench, clinch, cling, clip, clot, clout, clutch, cool, coop, count, coup, crate, crib, crutch, crypt, curb, deem, do, dock, dompt, dot, drawer, drive, dump, dwell, end, fare, feel, feud, fill, firm, force, fort, freeze, go, grab, grasp, grip, gripe, guard, guess, haft, halt, hand, hands, have, helm, helve, hide, hoard, hole, hug, hutch, jail, judge, keep, last, lead, lease, lie, live, mark, mass, meet, mew, mote, motte, mug, nip, nurse, own, pass, pause, peel, pen, perch, pew, pine, post, pound, prop, pull, put, quit, rack, range, rath, reach, reign, rein, rick, rob, rule, run, save, say, scrub, seize, sense, serve, set, shelf, shore, show, sign, slur, snatch, snub, span, spare, speak, spread, squat, stack, stall, stance, stand, state, stay, stick, stop, store, stretch, sway, sweep, swell, take, tank, think, tie, trow, vat, vault, wait, ward, wash, wear, ween, weight, work

2 syllables:

abide, abort, absorb, abstain, accent, account, adhere, adjudge, admit, advance, affirm, allege, allow, amass, announce, answer, apply, archives, argue, arrest, assert, assume, attic, avail, aver, avoid, avouch, avow, backlog, balance, ballast, basement, bastion, beachhead, belay, believe, beset, blockhouse, bolster, bookcase, bosom, bridgehead, bridle, bunker, burgage, buttress, cancel, capture, carry, castle, catching, cellar, cellule, chamber, cherish, clinging, cloister, closet, cluster, clutches, cohere, collect, command, compel, complete, comprise, conceal, conceive, condone, conduct, confine, congeal, constrain, contain, contend, control, convene, convoke, cover, cradle, credit, cupboard, curtail, cushion, custos, daresay, declaim, declare, defer, delay, deny, depot, desist, detain, direct, display, donjon, dragnet, effect, embrace, encage, enchant, enclose, endure, enfold, engage, engross, enjoin, enjoy, enthrall, esteem, exist, expect, express, extend, fancy, fasthold, fastness, favor, feodum, fiefdom, fondle, foothold, footing, footplate, footrail, footrest, forbear, forgo, fortress, foster, freehold, fulfill, function, garner, godown, govern, grabbing, grapple, guarding, handclasp, handhold, handle, harangue, harbor, hinder, holder, holding, hollow, immerse, immure, impede, impel, impound, include, insist, involve, keeping, leasehold, lengthen, locker, mainstay, maintain, manage, mandate, manger, measure, moment, nabbing, nurture, obsess, obtain, occur, offer, opine, orate, owning, perdure, persist, pillbox, pillow, possess, postpone, power, presa, present, preserve, pressure, prestige, presume, prevail, proclaim, profess, proffer, prolong, propose, protest, protract, purchase, rebuff, receive, reckon, reduce, refrain, refuse, regard, remain, renounce, repel, repress, repulse, repute, reserve, resist, restrain, restrict, retain, retard, retrench, secrete, segno, seisin, seizure, shackle, shoulder, snatching, socage, spellbind, squatting, squirrel, standing, steady, stockpile, storage, storehouse, storeroom, straddle, straiten, stronghold, suasion, sublease, submit, subsist, suffice, support, suppose, suppress, surmise, surround, survive, suspect, suspend, sustain, symbol, talons, tarry, tender, tenure, title, toehold, tower, traction, transfix, treasure, underbrace, upbear, uphold, upkeep, warehouse, waylay, withhold, withstand

3 syllables:

abandon, abduction, advantage, armory, arsenal, assemble, assever, buttery, cavity, cellarage, character, charisma, citadel, collaring, colony, compartment, comprehend, consequence, consider, continue, countenance, cumulate, custody, diminish, dominance, dominion, embody, embosom, eminence, enchantment, encircle, encompass, entertain, environ, envisage, estimate, exchequer, exercise, exhibit, fascinate, fermata, frankalmoign, garrison, gavelkind, hypnotize, imagine, importance, imprison, influence, inhibit, kidnapping, leadership, leverage, library, ligature, lumberyard, magasin, magazine, martello, mastership, mastery, mesmerize, notation, occupy, operate, perennate, persevere, persuasion, possessing, possession, possessor, potency, predicate, prehension, preponderance, prescription, prohibit, property, propound, protection, qualify, reinforce, relinquish, reservoir, safehold, safekeeping, satisfy, signature, stabilize, subbasement, subsidize, subvention, suggestion, tenancy, tenantry, terminate, treasury, undergird, underlease, underlie, underpin, underset, usucapt, villeinhold, villenage, vinculum

4 syllables:

accommodate, accumulate, acropolis, adjudicate, agglomerate, alodium, annunciate, apprehension, arrestation, ascendancy, asseverate, assimilate, authority, coagulate, conglomerate, counterbalance, decelerate, dependency, discontinue, domination, enunciate, incorporate, infatuate, jurisdiction, magnetism, manifesto, monopolize, occupancy, occupation, perpetuate, predominance, preoccupy, prepossession, proprietor, repertory, solidify, stabilitate, supremacy, usucapion

5 syllables:

conservatory, custodianship, depository, immobilize, influentiality, insinuation, personality, preoccupancy, preoccupation, repository, undertenancy

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