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Words related to "light":

1 syllable:

back, bank, bay, beat, blond, brand, break, bright, broad, bump, burn, camp, chance, checked, clear, close, cream, crest, dart, dawn, dim, ditch, eye, facts, faint, fair, feed, find, fine, flame, flare, flash, flat, fleet, flint, flux, form, frail, front, gay, glare, glass, gleam, glib, glide, glim, gloss, glow, grille, guise, hard, hare, high, hit, lamp, land, lax, lithe, look, loose, low, luck, lux, match, meet, mid, mild, moon, morn, mousse, node, pale, pane, pearl, peart, perch, phase, pitch, pitched, place, plain, port, prime, proof, rare, ray, roost, sad, scold, shape, shine, shoal, shot, side, sight, slack, slant, slight, slim, small, smooth, soft, spill, spry, stand, stars, stoke, stopped, streak, stressed, strong, style, sun, surd, svelte, sweet, swift, tense, thick, thin, thought, torch, trite, trough, twist, vague, vain, view, voiced, wave, weak, wide, wind, wise, word

2 syllables:

abuse, account, active, aery, agile, airish, airlike, airy, alight, angle, appear, arrow, aspect, assail, assault, attack, basis, beacon, beacons, beaming, berate, birdbrained, boyish, breezy, briefing, brighten, brightness, brilliant, brittle, bubbly, buoyant, campy, candle, carefree, casement, central, cheerful, clobber, cloudless, cockcrow, cocklight, comic, corky, courser, cracking, creamy, crumbly, cushy, dainty, data, datum, dawning, daybreak, daylight, dayspring, debark, dental, deplane, depthless, descend, detrain, disclose, dismiss, dismount, dispatch, dizzy, dorsal, downwind, downy, eagle, easy, effect, eggshell, emerge, empty, evolve, explain, expose, exposed, facet, facile, faddish, faded, fanlight, fashion, featly, feature, fickle, figure, finespun, fire, flambeau, flashlight, flighty, flimsy, floodlight, fluffy, foamy, foolish, footing, fragile, framework, fribble, frothy, fusee, futile, gaslight, gauzy, gazelle, gentle, gestalt, giddy, gimcrack, girlish, glassware, glaucous, glory, glossal, glottal, graceful, gracile, greyhound, guidebook, handout, happy, harangue, headlight, heavy, highlight, idle, ignite, illume, image, inane, inflame, info, insight, jaunty, jejune, jerry, jolly, joyful, kindle, knowledge, lacy, lambaste, lantern, lattice, leger, lighten, lighter, lighthouse, lightish, lightning, lightship, lightsome, lightweight, likeness, limber, lingual, liquid, lissome, little, lucent, lucid, lumen, manner, meager, mellow, mention, merry, message, misty, moonlight, morning, muted, narrow, nasal, nimble, notice, obscure, open, outlook, painless, pancake, pastel, pearly, perky, petty, pharos, phasis, phonic, photon, porthole, puny, quantum, quiet, reason, regard, release, relight, relume, report, respect, reveal, rocket, roomy, rounded, seeming, semblance, serene, settle, shallow, shining, showcase, sidelight, silly, simple, skinny, skittish, skylight, slapstick, sleazy, slender, slimmish, slinky, sober, softened, somber, sonant, souffle, sparker, sparkle, spotlight, sprightly, standpoint, starlight, statement, stemware, stumble, subdued, subtle, sunlight, sunny, sunrise, sunup, surface, swallow, sylphlike, system, tacky, taper, tender, thinnish, threadlike, throaty, tonal, tonic, torrent, toying, transom, trifling, tumble, twangy, unclear, unearth, unhorse, unstressed, unveil, upbraid, upwind, vacant, vapid, velar, viewpoint, vitrics, vitrine, vocoid, voiceless, vowel, wanton, watered, wavelength, wayward, weightless, whitish, whity, whorish, wicket, window, windy, wispy, witty, yeasty

3 syllables:

Anschauung, Paphian, accented, acquaintance, aerial, aeriform, albescent, alfresco, amplitude, amusing, announcement, antelope, antinode, apical, asinine, aurora, balefire, barytone, bearable, belabor, birdwitted, breakable, brightening, bulletin, candlelight, cannonball, casual, catchpenny, cerebral, chambering, changeable, chanticleer, clarify, cobwebby, conflagrate, consonant, coquettish, counterglow, cursory, debonair, decoding, delicate, develop, diaphane, diffraction, diluted, discover, disembark, diverting, editing, effortless, effulgent, eidolon, encounter, enkindle, enlighten, evidence, expounding, farcical, fatuous, featherbrained, featherweight, feathery, firebrand, firelight, flirtatious, fluorescent, frangible, frequency, fribbling, frivolous, gen, gimcracky, glaucescent, gossamer, guttural, holiness, igniter, ignition, illumine, imago, impression, inconstant, indistinct, instruction, ivory, jovial, labial, lateral, lighthearted, lineaments, luculent, lumeter, luminant, luminate, luminous, majesty, mercury, moderate, nacreous, nasalized, nugacious, occlusive, omniscience, oriel, otiose, overshine, overshoot, oxytone, palatal, papery, patinaed, pellucid, period, pharyngeal, phonemic, phonetic, pneumatic, portable, portfire, position, posttonic, promiscuous, quicksilver, radiance, rarefied, rationale, reference, reflection, rekindle, relucent, relumine, resilient, resonance, retroflex, ridicule, scatterbrained, semigloss, shattery, shopwindow, simplify, sissified, skyrocket, slenderish, solution, sovereignty, straightforward, syllabic, tenuous, thunderbolt, translucent, translucid, transmission, transparent, transpire, trivial, uncover, underweight, unheavy, unity, universe, unlocking, unprofound, unrounded, untaxing, vacuous, versatile, vocalic, volatile, vowellike, watery, willowy, windowlight, windowpane, wiredrawn, womanish

4 syllables:

alabaster, alabastrine, alveolar, atmospheric, attenuate, bilabial, cacuminal, communique, considering, consonantal, continuant, decipherment, demonstration, diaphanous, directory, easygoing, effeminate, elucidate, emendation, endurable, enlightenment, entertaining, epidermal, eternity, ethereal, evanescent, exegesis, explanation, explication, exposition, fluorescence, gossamery, illuminant, illuminate, illustration, imponderous, incandescence, incandescent, infinity, information, insubstantial, intelligence, intensity, interference, intonated, iridescent, irradiate, luminary, luminescence, mercurial, monophthongal, nugatory, omnipotence, omnipresence, omnisciency, opalescent, palatalized, pasteboardy, pharyngealized, phosphorescence, phosphorescent, presentation, publication, publicity, radiation, reinforcement, scintillation, semivowel, simulacrum, situation, superficial, supportable, tolerable, tragicomic, trivialize, tropospheric, unaccented, unburdensome, unclouded, undemanding, understanding, unimportant, unobscured, unsubstantial, vacillating, vertiginous

5 syllables:

articulated, assimilated, attenuated, clarification, communication, configuration, dissimilated, electricity, elucidation, euhemerism, illumination, illuminator, imperceptible, inconsequential, insignificant, labiodental, labiovelar, luminosity, notification, omnipotency, simplification, ubiquity, uncomplicated, undependable, unpredictable, unreliable

6 syllables:

allegorization, exemplification, immutability, inconsiderable

7 syllables:

demythologization, familiarization

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