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Words That Rhyme With "Life" :

1 syllable:

chive, dive, drive, fife, five, gyve, heighth, hive, i've, jive, knife, knifed, Phyfe, rife, rive, shive, shrive, skeif, skive, strife, strive, thrive, wife, wive

2 syllables:

alewife, arrive, birdlife, broadwife, connive, contrive, deprive, derive, drawknife, fishwife, goodwife, housewife, jackknife, loosestrife, lowlife, midlife, midwife, nightlife, nonlife, oldwife, penknife, revive, southlife, survive, wakerife, wildlife

3 syllables:

afterlife, counterlife, misderive, pocketknife, puddingwife, Yellowknife