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Words that rhyme with "back":

1 syllable:

ack, black, brac, brack, brakke, braque, cack, clack, claque, crack, dack, drack, flack, flak, hack, hacke, haque, jac, jack, jak, knack, krack, kracke, kwak, lac, lack, lakh, mac, mack, macke, mak, nack, nacke, pac, pack, paque, plack, placke, plaque, ptak, quack, rack, rak, sac, sack, sacque, sak, schack, schlack, schnack, schrack, shack, slack, smack, snack, spack, spak, stack, strack, stracke, tack, tacke, thack, thak, thwack, trac, track, trak, wack, whack, wrack, yack, yak, zach, zack, zak

2 syllables:

air sac, alack, attack, back pack, beaulac, blue jack, bomb rack, bone black, butt pack, cart track, chirac, coal black, coat rack, dirt track, disc pack, dish rack, disk pack, dress rack, dulac, face pack, fast track, grass wrack, half track, ice pack, jet black, keep track, laugh track, lose track, man jack, phone jack, pipe rack, pitch black, plate rack, prepack, repack, roof rack, sad sack, sand crack, sanjak, screw jack, sea wrack, seed lac, serac, shellac, shoe black, six pack, ski rack, soot black, spice rack, spore sac, spur track, stick lac, tear sac, tie rack, tie tack, toe crack, unpack, untack, vanvlack, waist pack, welsh black, wolf pack, yolk sac

3 syllables:

air attack, blister pack, blow one's stack, bluish black, bubble pack, bumper jack, carbon black, carpet tack, cinder track, cul de sac, culsdesac, data track, dental plaque, dressing sack, dressing sacque, fanny pack, fatigue crack, fishing smack, freddie mac, garnet lac, georges braque, give the sack, ground attack, gunny sack, heart attack, hit the sack, inside track, joseph black, jumping jack, luggage rack, music rack, out of whack, platinum black, post-attack, power pack, push-down stack, quarter crack, railroad track, streetcar track, tailor's tack, towel rack, union jack, whisker jack, yellow jack

4 syllables:

amyloid plaque, animal black, asthma attack, banzai attack, bicycle rack, counterattack, crevalle jack, ivory black, lacrimal sac, magazine rack, panic attack, plan of attack, serrated wrack, sonora lac, surprise attack, telephone jack, under attack, vitelline sac

5 syllables:

amniotic sac, angle of attack, arterial plaque, bacterial plaque, caterpillar track, french polish shellac, literary hack, off the beaten track, political hack, preventive attack, shirley temple black, terrorist attack, warning of attack

6 syllables:

amyloid protein plaque, anxiety attack, biologic attack, pericardial sac

7 syllables:

biological attack, diversionary attack, greater peritoneal sac, transient ischemic attack

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