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Words that rhyme with "what":

1 syllable:

at, but, butt, chut, cut, dutt, glut, gut, gutt, haute, hut, hutt, jut, klugt, knut, mut, mutt, nut, nutt, phut, putt, rut, rutt, schut, schutt, schutte, scut, scutt, shut, shutt, skutt, slut, smut, strut, tut, tutt

2 syllables:

abut, allnutt, blind gut, boil smut, brush cut, buy at, call at, chesnutt, chip at, corn smut, crew cut, curnutte, eat at, elk nut, englut, false smut, field hut, flag smut, get at, gnaw at, green smut, head smut, hex nut, jest at, jump cut, king nut, laugh at, look at, loose smut, mcnutt, oil nut, palm nut, pay cut, peck at, permute, pick at, pine nut, pluck at, poke at, precut, price cut, pull at, quail at, rebut, rough cut, rush nut, shine at, shop at, snap at, square nut, stay at, tax cut, uncut, wing nut, wink at, work at

3 syllables:

apple nut, army hut, arrive at, betel nut, bonduc nut, brazil nut, bridle at, bristle at, budget cut, cashew nut, cedar nut, cembra nut, chile nut, cigar butt, cohune nut, cola nut, connive at, covered smut, delegate, dika nut, excel at, final cut, ginger nut, goora nut, grugru nut, hiccough nut, hiccup nut, intercut, jesuits' nut, kola nut, litchi nut, looking at, monkey nut, nicker nut, nissen hut, onion smut, packing nut, physic nut, pinon nut, quandong nut, queensland nut, quonset hut, rifle butt, safety nut, spending cut, stinking smut, stuffing nut, terre-haute, water butt, wheat flag smut

4 syllables:

areca nut, babassu nut, buffalo nut, butterfly nut, chilean nut, chip away at, cigarette butt, coquilla nut, coumara nut, edible nut, hickory nut, ivory nut, keep one's mouth shut, kick in the butt, lickety cut, salary cut

5 syllables:

pistachio nut, souari nut

6 syllables:

macadamia nut

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