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Words That Rhyme With "Garbed" :

1 syllable:

arb, ard, barb, barbe, barbed, bard, barde, barred, bird, blurb, blurred, braird, burd, burred, Byrd, carb, card, chard, charred, curb, curbed, curd, fard, furred, fyrd, hard, harped, heard, herb, herd, jarred, kerb, Kurd, lard, marred, nard, nerd, pard, sard, scarred, Serb, shard, sherd, slurred, sorbed, sparred, spurred, starred, stirred, surd, tarred, third, turd, verb, word, yard

2 syllables:

absorbed, absurd, acerb, archard, Bernard, bicarb, bombard, Bouchard, boyard, canard, chauffeured, concurred, conferred, deferred, demurred, Denard, deterred, disbarred, discard, disturb, disturbed, foulard, gabbard, Gerard, giard, Girard, Godard, incurred, inferred, interred, misheard, misword, occurred, perturb, perturbed, prefered, preferred, recurred, referred, reheard, Renard, retard, reverb, reword, superb, transfered, transferred, unbarbed, uncurb, uncured, unheard, unscarred, unstarred, unstirred, usurped

3 syllables:

colichemarde, hypercard, interlard, montagnard, overheard, reabsorbed, undeterred, undisturbed, unperturbed