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Words that nearly rhyme with "eyes":

1 syllable:

baize, bice, blase, blaze, blithe, breeze, browse, chaise, cheese, craze, dais, days, daze, dice, ease, faze, fraze, freeze, frieze, gaze, glaze, gneiss, graze, grice, haze, he's, ice, lase, lees, lice, lithe, maize, maze, mice, nice, noise, pease, phase, phrase, please, poise, praise, price, raise, rase, raze, reis, rice, seize, she's, sleaze, slice, sneeze, spice, splice, squeeze, tease, these, thrice, tice, tithe, trice, twice, vice, vise, ways

2 syllables:

ablaze, advice, amaze, appease, appraise, arouse, ballets, bigeyes, bitesize, capsize, chemise, concise, crosswise, device, disease, displease, dossiers, downsize, entice, espouse, excise, filets, franchise, gadflies, hawkeye's, heartwise, laudise, lengthwise, likewise, magpies, malaise, midsize, neckties, outcries, popeyes, powercise, precise, rabbis, realize, rephrase, reprice, sidewise, sonrise, standbys, suffice, sunrise, trapeze, unease

3 syllables:

advertise, agonize, alibis, alkalies, amortize, amplifies, analyze, authorize, burglarize, butterflies, butterfly's, centralize, certifies, chatichai's, civilize, clarifies, classifies, codifies, colonize, colorize, communize, compromise, criticize, crystallize, customize, dramatize, empathize, emphasize, energize, enfranchise, enterprise, equalize, exercise, expertise, fantasize, fertilize, finalize, formalize, galvanize, globalize, harmonize, hoverflies, humanize, hybridize, idealize, idolize, immunize, improvise, itemize, jeopardize, journalese, justifies, legalize, magnifies, maximize, memorize, merchandise, minimize, mobilize, modernize, modifies, motorize, multiplies, neutralize, normalize, notifies, nullifies, occupies, optimize, organize, otherwise, overseas, paralyze, patronize, penalize, polarize, polonaise, privatize, publicize, pulverize, qualifies, ratifies, reappraise, recognize, samurai's, satisfies, scrutinize, signifies, simplifies, socialize, specialize, specifies, stabilize, standardize, sterilize, subsidize, summarize, supervise, symbolize, sympathize, synthesize, televise, terrifies, terrorize, testifies, theorize, typifies, underseas, unionize, uruguay's, utilize, vaporize, verbalize, verifies, visualize, westernize

4 syllables:

acidifies, actualize, alphabetize, antagonize, apologize, cannibalize, capitalize, categorize, characterize, commercialize, computerize, criminalize, decentralize, demobilize, democratize, demoralize, desensitize, destabilize, disenfranchise, disqualifies, economize, epitomize, evangelize, exemplifies, familiarize, generalize, hospitalize, hypothesize, identifies, intensifies, legitimize, liberalize, metabolize, monopolize, nationalize, personalize, personifies, politicize, popularize, preoccupies, propagandize, proselytize, rationalize, reauthorize, reorganize, revitalize, romanticize, securitize, solidifies, trivialize

5 syllables:

americanize, collateralize, compartmentalize, denationalize, industrialize, materialize, overemphasize, recapitalize, renationalize, revolutionize

6 syllables:

editorialize, internationalize

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