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Words That Rhyme With "Drained" :

1 syllable:

brained, caned, chained, craned, deigned, feigned, gained, grained, maned, pained, paned, planed, rained, reigned, reined, sprained, stained, strained, trained, vaned, veined, waned

2 syllables:

abstained, arraigned, attained, campaigned, complained, constrained, contained, detained, disdained, enchained, explained, ingrained, maintained, obtained, ordained, pertained, profaned, refrained, regained, remained, restrained, retained, retrained, sustained, unchained, undrained, unfeigned, unstained, unstrained, untrained

3 syllables:

ascertained, entertained, foreordained, preordained, rattlebrained, unconstrained, unexplained, unordained, unrestrained, unsustained

4 syllables: