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Words That Rhyme With "Pattee" :

1 syllable:

a, ay, aye, bay, be, bea, bee, bey, blae, blea, brae, braies, bray, brea, bree, brie, bui, cay, chay, chea, chee, chez, clay, cray, crea, cree, day, dea, dee, dey, dray, eh, fay, fee, fey, fi, flay, flea, flee, fley, frae, fray, free, gay, gee, gey, ghee, glee, gray, greige, grey, griege, hae, hay, he, hee, hey, jay, jee, kea, kee, key, klee, knee, lai, lay, lea, lee, leigh, ley, lxi, may, me, mea, mee, mme, nae, nay, nee, neigh, nghi, pay, pea, peay, pee, play, plea, pray, pre, pree, prey, prix, quai, quay, quey, qui, ray, re, rea, ree, reeh, rhee, say, schlee, schlie, schnee, scray, sea, see, sei, shay, she, shi, shieh, shih, shri, sie, sieh, ski, slay, slee, sleigh, sley, smee, snee, spae, spay, spie, splay, spray, spree, sri, stray, sway, thae, thee, they, thi, three, tray, tree, trey, tse, vee, way, we, wee, weigh, wey, whey, wiehe, yea, yee, zea, zee

2 syllables:

abbe, abee, ac, achee, acree, adee, adret, affray, agee, agree, ailee, aimee, aine, akey, albee, allay, allee, andree, array, artsy, askey, assay, astray, autry, away, aweigh, balche, baldree, ballet, banshee, barbee, barre, beaudry, belay, beret, betray, bewray, bibbee, bibee, bidet, blase, bouchee, bouchey, boucle, bouie, bouley, bouquet, bourree, bresee, brise, broche, brouille, brule, buffet, buie, bushee, cachet, cafe, cahier, candee, carnet, chablis, chaine, chalet, chevee, chevet, chevret, childree, chine, cire, cleche, cliche, cloque, colee, convey, coppee, corvee, couche, couey, could've, coulee, coupe, crible, crochet, croquet, cuffee, curie, curlee, cuvee, daresay, debris, decay, decree, defray, degree, delay, depree, deray, dernier, deupree, dismay, display, distrait, dore, dragee, dubree, dundee, dupee, dupree, duree, duryee, embay, embree, emcee, epee, esprit, essay, estray, fanguy, ferree, filet, flambe, foree, foresee, formee, forsee, fourche, frappe, frazee, frise, gangway, gassee, gervais, gilet, glace, glisse, goostree, goree, gretzky, grille, guerry, gurnee, gutsy, halfway, hardee, hembree, henri, hooray, hurray, ib, id, indri, inlay, inveigh, ip, jaspe, je, jessee, keesee, kissee, koine, labree, legree, lessee, loree, losee, louie, lycee, macphee, magee, mamey, manque, marie, markee, marquee, marquis, mc, mcbee, mccree, mcfee, mcgee, mcghee, mcghie, mckee, mckey, mckie, mcnee, mcphee, mcphie, mcree, mcvea, millier, mislay, misplay, moire, moree, mouille, murphree, musee, ne, nisei, obey, onlay, orlet, outlay, outplay, outre, outweigh, parfait, parquet, passe, pawnee, pensee, petree, piercey, piggee, pingree, pise, plie, plisse, pommee, portray, pouncy, prepay, puree, purvey, ranee, relay, repay, rippee, rose, roue, rountree, rupee, sachet, sashay, se, sebree, sheree, shippee, smithee, soigne, soiree, souffle, strathspey, thierry, today, tokay, tootsie, touche, toupee, toupet, trainee, tyree, unde, unlay, unsay, vendee, waylay, whoopee, withee, yangtze, youree

3 syllables:

addressee, adoree, adorse, agrege, ajoure, allonge, amc, appaume, applique, aretsky, attache, attendee, ballonne, barbaree, bbc, bourgeoisie, branitzky, burele, burelle, cabaret, cabasset, caboche, camouflet, cartonnier, cassoulet, champleve, chansonnier, cie, cisele, cloisonne, cod, comiskey, consomme, coryphee, counterweigh, cramponnee, dauphinee, debouche, declasse, dejeuner, demaree, demode, detainee, disagree, disarray, disobey, distingue, downplay, echappe, echappee, ecrase, emince, ennuye, ennuyee, evase, faconne, faraway, fatheree, fiance, fiancee, franchisee, galoubet, guarani, hagmenay, hammontree, hardegree, hardigree, hogmanay, hohensee, interlay, interplay, jubilee, licensee, lingerie, loupcervier, lsd, ltd, mallonee, mckelvie, menuisier, mitcheltree, neglige, negligee, nominee, ocheltree, okoume, overlay, overpay, overplay, overweigh, perruquier, pointille, potpourri, ratterree, rechauffe, referee, refugee, releve, renverse, repousse, resurvey, retiree, retrousse, ricochet, rosemarie, roturier, satterlee, sommelier, st_marie, sucrier, syp, tenn, tennessee, tutoyer, underlay, underpay, underplay, undersea, valoree, wandersee, welladay, woodmansee

4 syllables:

avodire, bioassay, cabriolet, charcutier, communique, developpe, eglomise, geac, interviewee, kagarlitsky, papelonne, recercelee

5 syllables: