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Words That Rhyme With "Damoiselle" :

1 syllable:

bael, bel, bell, belle, cell, del, dell, dwell, el, ell, fell, gel, hell, jell, knell, mel, mell, quell, sell, shell, smell, snell, spell, swell, tell, well, yell

2 syllables:

appel, artel, boatel, botel, bretelle, cadelle, cartel, chandelle, compel, cordelle, crenelle, dentelle, dispel, echelle, ecuelle, excel, expel, farewell, foretell, fresnel, gabelle, grandrelle, hotel, impel, indwell, jurel, lapel, marcel, micelle, misspell, morel, motel, nacelle, noel, nouvelle, nouvelles, outsell, outtell, propel, quenelle, rappel, rebel, repel, resell, respell, retell, rondelle, samiel, sarcelle, sardelle, spinel, tourelle, unsell, unshell, unspell, unwell, upswell, vervelle, vielle

3 syllables:

aquarelle, askarel, bagatelle, brocatel, carousel, carrousel, chanterelle, chevronel, clientele, coromell, fontanelle, immortelle, jargonelle, karrusel, lenticel, mirabelle, moschatel, muscadel, muscatel, nonpareil, organelle, oversell, personnel, pipistrelle, undersell, villanelle

4 syllables:

chlorospinel, spirituel

5 syllables:

antipersonnel, materiel