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Words that nearly rhyme with "sleigh":

1 syllable:

blae, blay, bley, brule, clay, flay, fley, klay, kley, lai, lay, laye, lei, ley, leyh, play, schley, slay, sley, splay

2 syllables:

airway, allais, allay, archway, ashtray, backstay, ballet, belay, bilgeway, birthday, bobsleigh, bobstay, boucle, boulais, boulay, breezeway, buckstay, byway, calais, callais, causeway, chalet, coulee, crible, crossway, deathday, delay, display, domesday, doomsday, doorway, dossier, downplay, drainway, driveway, endplay, fairway, filet, fillet, folksay, folkway, footway, foreplay, forestay, gainsay, gangway, gateway, gilet, groundway, gunplay, hallway, hatchway, headstay, headway, hearsay, highway, hoistway, horseplay, imlay, inlay, jackstay, keyway, langlais, maclay, mainstay, manway, mcclay, mclay, midday, millay, millier, mislay, misplay, noonday, nosegay, noway, olay, ole, onlay, orlet, outlay, outplay, palais, parkway, pathway, payday, raceway, relay, replay, roadway, rollway, ropeway, screenplay, seaway, shaftway, shipway, sideway, skidway, skipway, skyway, someday, someway, soothsay, souffle, speechway, speedway, spillway, stairway, sternway, straightway, streamway, subway, sunray, survey, swordplay, throughway, tideway, unlay, valet, washday, waylay, weekday, whipray, windway, wordplay, workday, zalay

3 syllables:

alleyway, anyway, atelier, breakaway, bretesse, burele, burelle, bustier, cableway, camouflet, caraway, carriageway, cassoulet, castaway, chevrolet, cisele, cutaway, drainageway, emigre, entranceway, entremets, entryway, escapeway, everyday, everyway, expressway, faraday, fireclay, foldaway, galloway, getaway, giveaway, gratine, hideaway, holiday, huntaway, hypospray, interlay, interplay, ishime, mangabey, motorway, mulloway, namaste, nebule, overlay, overplay, passageway, photoplay, popinjay, protege, redisplay, rockaway, rollaway, runaway, soakaway, sobriquet, sommelier, soubriquet, steerageway, stowaway, straightaway, tablier, taxiway, tearaway, teleplay, throwaway, underclay, underlay, underplay, virelay, walkaway, waterway, winlestrae, workaday

4 syllables:

areaway, cabriolet, cantabile, companionway, couturier, habitue, innomine, matelasse, nowaday, papabile, recercelee, roundelay, tourniquet

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