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Words that nearly rhyme with "when":

1 syllable:

an, ann, anne, ban, been, bel, bell, belle, bend, bent, bin, blend, bran, brent, bun, can, cann, cell, cent, chan, chem, chin, clan, cleanse, creme, dan, dann, del, dell, dens, dense, dent, din, done, dun, dwell, el, ell, elle, end, fan, fel, fell, fence, fend, fin, flynn, fran, friend, fun, gel, gem, gent, gin, gran, grin, gun, gwen, hell, hem, hence, hon, in, inn, jan, jem, jin, kan, kin, knell, leant, lend, lens, lent, lin, lyn, lynn, lynne, man, mann, meant, mel, mend, min, minh, nan, nell, nelle, non, nun, one, pan, pence, pend, pent, phan, phlegm, pin, plan, pun, quell, quinn, ran, rem, rend, rent, rin, run, san, scan, scent, sell, send, sense, sent, shan, shell, shin, shun, sin, skin, smell, son, span, spell, spence, spend, spent, spin, spun, stan, stem, stun, sun, swell, syn, tan, tel, tell, tend, tense, tent, than, them, thence, thin, tin, ton, tonne, tran, trend, tun, twin, un, van, vent, vin, well, wen, wend, went, whan, whence, whin, win, won, yan, yell, yin

2 syllables:

adel, against, ahem, akin, amend, amends, ascend, ascent, askin, attend, befell, befriend, began, begin, begun, berlin, carmel, cement, chagrin, chanel, cheyenne, commence, commend, compel, condemn, condense, condensed, consent, contend, content, defence, defend, defense, depend, descend, descent, diane, dispel, dispense, dissent, distend, event, excel, expel, expense, extend, extent, farewell, foretell, gazelle, herein, hotel, immense, impel, indent, intel, intend, intense, intent, invent, janelle, japan, joanne, jocelyn, lament, manuel, michelle, miguel, moran, motel, moulin, nobel, noel, offence, offend, offense, outrun, pastel, percent, pian, portend, pretence, pretend, prevent, propel, rachelle, raquel, relent, repel, repent, rerun, resent, retell, sudan, suspend, suspense, suzanne, therein, torment, transcend, unbend, undone, unmeant, unspent, unwell, wherein, within

3 syllables:

apprehend, businessmen, carousel, circumvent, comprehend, condescend, danielle, discontent, imm, maryann, minivan, overdone, overrun, personnel, rafael, recommend, represent, underwent, villanelle, violin

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